Wyoming Butterfly Trip - July 2013


Photographs from a July 18-27, 2013 butterfly trip to Wyoming and Montana in a large area around Yellowstone National Park. Organized and guided by the extraordinary Jim Brock, the rest of our group included four Canadians and four Americans - one from Texas, one from Ohio, and two of us from New Mexico. A great group and a lot of fun, with all of us getting a good number of 'lifer' butterflies.

From Thursday, July 18, to Saturday, July 20, we stayed at the Virginian Lodge in Jackson, Wyoming before heading Sunday, July 21, to the Comfort Inn in Red Lodge, Montana for the next 3 nights, and then to the Holiday Inn Express in Lander, Wyoming for 3 more nights and then back to Jackson to wrap up the trip. Each day, we'd head out to different spots in the area where Jim expected we'd see specific species. Overall, we had excellent weather the whole time and ended up seeing a great total of 104 butterfly species. A spreadsheet of the daily and trip list can be downloaded in either Excel or Adobe format. This first page shows a few of the sights other than butterflies - pages 2 and 3 show some of my butterfly pictures from the trip. Most have been identified correctly, but there are certainly some that are incorrect, particularly for the fritillaries. Any suggestions for changes or corrections are welcomed. My thanks to Jim and Rebecca for catching some of my original mistakes and helping to identify a few that had me totally confused.

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Scenic Vistas and People

Grand Tetons


Red Cliffs

Bears Ears

Bears Ears View

Bears Ears View

Rock Creek

Rock Creek


Barn Swallow Nest

Dave in a Cave

Steve & friend

------------------------Jim on the Hunt------------------------ Surprise Meeting


Linda & Rebecca

Jacquie & Brian

Linda & Michael

Bears Ears Trail

Group Photo

Group Distraction

Photo Opp

A few of Rebecca





Grizzly Bear

Long-tailed Weasel


Dusky Grouse

Barn Swallow

Clark's Nutcracker

Spotted Sandpiper

Bugs and Moths


Elegant Sheepmoth
(Hemileuca eglanterina)

Sierra Pericopid Moth
(Gnophaela latipennis)

Sierra Pericopid Moth
(Gnophaela latipennis)


Crimson-ringed Whiteface
(Leucorrhinia glacialis)

Common Whitetail [m]
(Libellula lydia)

Common Whitetail [f]
(Libellula lydia)

Variable Darner
(Aeshna interrupta)

Variable Darner
(Aeshna interrupta)

Bluet Damselfly


(Coleophora elephantella)

(Aquilegia caerula)

(Aquilegia caerula)

Indian Blanket
(Gaillardia grandiflora)

Alpine Forget-me-not
(Eritrichium nanum)

(Lewisia rediviva)

Mariposa Lily
(Calochortus gunnisonii)

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