A Trip to Trinidad & Tobago

A few pictures from a birding trip to Trinidad and Tobago from February 25-March 4, 2004 with a fabulous group. Organized by Pat Ward of the Birding Tour Company, most of our group are members of the Illinois Audubon Society. We began our trip with a few days at the Asa Wright Lodge on Trinidad, taking a few day (and night) tours to various locations in addition to birding the grounds of the lodge, and then on to Tobago for several more days. These pictures only capture a couple of the more than 200 species seen on the trip. The variety, indeed the whole experience, is difficult to capture in words or pictures, but here's a few I got. Simply click on each of the smaller images to see a larger version. I'll spare you my pictures of banannaquits, oilbirds, honeycreepers, tanagers, bellbirds, antwrens toucans, parrots, jacamars,..you'd need binoculars to see 'em good, but hey, Bill Atwood got some good ones - [Click here]. Good memories, but no pictures of those red howler monkeys, agoutis, tropical fish, ...rum punches, Pat stories, laffs...

Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger picture.

View from
the verandah

Female Tufted
Coquette (really!)

Lodge Lizard

A Stand of Bamboo

Roadside View

Bamboo Closeup

Oropendola Nest

The Oropendola

Same nest
up close



Roadside Stop
w/superb guide, Rudal Ramlal

View of
Caroni Swamp

Red Ibis (red specks-really!)
Roost at Caroni

in the jungle


Beach near
Nariva Swamp

Immortelle Tree

Royal Palms
(and macaw roost)
On to Tobago!

Approach to
Blue Waters Inn - Tobago

Beach View

View from Room
Blue Waters Inn

Little Tobago

Little Tobago guide

Little Tobago
Roosting Site

Tropic Birds

Tropic Birds


Bay and Immortelles
Pat's Retirement Home

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Bill Atwood's pictures.