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Dot-collared Skipper
(Jemadia pseudognetus)

Evan's Firetip
(Pyrrhopyge evansi)

Frosted Flasher
(Astraptes alardus)

Two-barred Flasher
(Astraptes fulgerator)

Spike Banded-Skipper
(Autochton longipennis)

Broad Banded-Skipper
(Autochton neis)

Elegius Flat
(Celaenorrhinus eligius)

Blurry-striped Longtail
(Chioides catillus albius)

Fiery Scarlet-eye
(Dyscophellus porcius)

Broken Silverdrop
(Epargyreus exadeus)

Common Phanus
(Phanus marshalli)

Great White Longtail
(Urbanus chalco)

Dorantes Longtail
(Urbanus dorantes)

Esmeralda Longtail
(Urbanus esmeraldus)

Teleus Longtail
(Urbanus teleus)

Southern Sicklewing
(Eantis thraso)

Common Spurwing
(Antigonus erosus)

Copper-headed Sootywing
(Bolla cupreiceps)

Mimosa Skipper
(Cogia calchas)

Variegated Skipper
(Gorgythion begga pyralina)

Variegated Skipper
(Gorgythion begga pyralina)

Common Mylon
(Mylon maimon)

Panna Skipper
(Ouleus panna)

Glorious Blue-Skipper
(Paches loxus)

Immaculate Tufted-Skipper
(Pachyneuria licisca)

Stigma Skipper
(Paraminus stigma)

Tropical Checkered-Skipper
(Pyrgus oileus)

Striped Blue-Skipper
(Quadrus contubernalis)

Metal-studded Skipper
(Sostrata bifasciata)

Blue-studded Skipper
(Sostrata bifasciata nordica)

Central American Sootywing
(Staphylus ascalaphus)

Golden-snouted Sootywing
(Staphylus vulgata)

Glassy-winged Skipper
(Xenophanes tryxus)

Phila Skipper
(Zera phila)

Radiant Skipper
(Callimormus radiola)

Lebbaeus Ruby-eye
(Carystoides lebbaeus)

Lebbaeus Ruby-eye
(Carystoides lebbaeus)

White-edged Ruby-eye
(Cobalus virbius)

Cymaenes alumna
(Alumna Skipper)

Violet-washed Skipper
(Damas clavus)

Immaculata Skipper
(Enosis immaculata)

Ludens Skipper
(Ludens ludens)

Orange-headed Metron
(Metron chrysogastra)

Stub-tailed Skipper
(Niconiades xanthaphes)

Green-backed Ruby-eye
(Perichares adela)

Almoda Skipper
(Phanes almoda)

Pompeius Skipper
(Pompeius pompeius)

Perching Saliana
(Saliana esperi)

Perching Saliana
(Saliana esperi)

Shy Saliana
(Saliana longirostris)

Morsa Saliana
(Saliana morsa)

Morsa Saliana
(Saliana morsa)

Sullied Saliana
(Saliana salius)

Sullied Saliana
(Saliana salius)

Alternate Ruby-eye
(Talides alternata)

Pasture Skipper
(Vehilius stictomenes)

Pasture Skipper
(Vehilius stictomenes)

Two-toned Skipper
(Vettius lafrenaye pica)

Band-spotted Skipper
(Xeniades chalestra)

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