Neotropical Butterflies

     Compiled here are photographs of neotropical butterflies from trips to Belize, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru taken in recent years (2011-2017), with a few added from earlier trips since 2004. While some of the older ones were incidental to trips more focused on birds, since 2011 the focus has been primarily on butterflies. I am indebted to my guides, trip leaders, and several experts around the world who have been an immense help in identifying the species in these photos, including Kim Garwood, Andrew Nield, Jeff Glassberg, Adrian Hoskins, Mark Pretti, Bob Behrstock, David Geale, Bernard Hermier, Linda Harrison, Faustino Sanchez, Aaron Soh, Tomasz Pyrcz, Keith Wilmott, Hugh Rowell, Oscar Cadena, and several others. Of course, I would appreciate any mistakes being brought to my attention. Organization and nomenclature follows Lamas as much as possible using the listing online from the Global Butterfly Names Project of the University College London.

    One or two pictures are from earlier trips to Peru and Ecuador from 2004-2008, but most included in this compilation are from the following trips (trip reports are linked to each bullet item):

Agrias claudina

An Excel spreadsheet of the more than 3000 images for the more than 450 genera and 1200 unique species is available here.

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Introduction Papilionidae
(Whites & Yellows)