Massachusetts Butterfly Trip - 2018


From May 26 - June 4, 2018, Rebecca and I flew to Providence, Rhode Island and drove to Plymouth, Massachusetts for the start of our search for some of the special local butterflies at a number of localities all over the state. Friend and local butterfly expert, Steve Moore, met us the first morning at Myles Standish State Park, along with his wife Barbara and our Houston friends, Steve and Lucinda, and would spend all week taking us around and tracking down some of those butterflies for us. We were quite impressed by how much effort Steve had put into collecting sighting reports, scouting locations, and guiding us around pretty much every day of our visit. After two nights in Plymouth, other nights were spent in Worcester and Northampton, while our day trips took us to several Massachusetts Audubon sancturaries, several State Parks including Mount Greylock, and several other spots. One day, we joined up with several folks from the Massachusetts Butterfly Club for their annual hunt for the Early Hairstreak, led by another friend and local expert, Tom Gagnon, who we'd met on some of our other trips. Rebecca and I both added more than ten new species to our life lists, including the Bog Elfin, Frosted Elfin, and Early Hairstreak that were on our target list and a surprise find of a White M Hairstreak.

This page has a few pictures of some of the other sights from the trip, with butterflies shown on the next page.

Click on any of the thumbnails for the full sized image, and right click to save a copy.


Baltimore Oriole


Gray Catbird

Prairie Warbler

Blue-headed Vireo


Ebony Jewelwing






Pink Lady's Slipper


Pink Lady's Slipper


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