Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Butterfly Trip 2015


Arriving two days after a nice rain in the area, three of us met up with local expert Frank Model to look for some special butterflies in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park over a long weekend in early March (3/4-8/15). The weather could not have been better - clear, calm, and not all that hot. Frank, who my friend Rebecca and I met last year on a trip to Southeast Brazil, did an amazing job of scouting and taking us right to the best places in the area, including Plum Canyon, Box Canyon, Borrego Palm Canyon and Culp Valley. He was also a great help showing us the sites around town for the peak of the desert wildflower season, the incredible Breceda sculptures, good places to eat, and even spotting some of Peninsular Bighorn Sheep.

With Frank's help, we'd end up with a trip total of close to 30 species, including several new 'lifers': 'Desert' Black Swallowtail, Desert Orangetip, Sonoran Blue, 'Loki' Juniper Hairstreak, 'Desert' Mexican Metalmark, Wright's Metalmark, California Patch, Tiny 'Imperialis' Checkerspot, and Variable 'Hennei' Checkerspot. Steve and Rebecca would also add their lifer Arizona Powdered-Skipper. A most successful trip that more than met our pre-trip expectations.

This page has pictures of things other than butterflies we'd see on the trip, with pictures of most of the butterflies on the next page.

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Ricardo Breceda Sculpture

For more of these sculptures, click here.

Peninsular Bighorn Sheep


California Towhee

California Quail (m)

California Thrasher



Rock Wren




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